Fig Newtons move over, there’s a new kid in town!

Fig newtons move over there’s a new kid in town, Nature’s Bakery fig bar.  These are delicious and they come in 6 flavors.  I have yet to find the apple cinnamon, strawberry or peach apricot, but the blueberry, fig and raspberry will hold me over until I do.

These are high quality, Non GMO fruit bars made with Stone ground whole wheat. You can actually pronounce and understand everything on the label.  The bars are filled with all kinds of goodies.  They are made on shared equipment with tree nuts and peanuts so just be aware of this with food allergies.

They have been available at Our local Wal-marts for awhile now; and the cost is $2.50 for a 6 twin packs.  You can check the website for a store location near you.  They make a great snack at two per serving coming in at 110 calories and there’s 20 calories fat.  These are pretty awesome for a store bought snack.  I wish I could find the peach apricot.

If you are into sports and events, they have a pretty interesting website.  Check them out and, as they say, Happy Trails!


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