The Who and Why, of A Rainbow of Colors

As the Author of this blog, I would like to introduce myself a little better.  I have an About page, but that is a small part of this blog.

I was introduced to WordPress about a year ago.  I have spent a lot of time as Administrator of a WordPress/ E commerce website.  This daily working with the website was my “breaking in”.  I love the blog much better;  I have to be honest.  My Husband and I,  are Team PoJo in our local Relay for Life event.  All of this is therapeutic for me, in a way.

Once you are diagnosed with cancer, you never get away from it.  Not that I dwell on it.  I’m sure that people who have been diagnosed and go through treatments, know what I’m talking about.  I have this need to help others; so, they won’t have to experience what I did.  It saddens me; when another person I know, has been diagnosed with cancer.

When I was setting up my menu, I tried to think how I could help; with my posts.  I love to cook; and though I try to watch what I eat, I do eat a variety of meats.  I have made the switch to alkaline water; and, I have been exploring organic and non GMO.

I hope, that my posts will help someone.  Someone in treatment; or, a family member, with someone in treatment.  None of my recipes will be involved.  When, you’re not feeling well; or you are a caregiver, energy can be a premium.  I will share different resources.  Some, I picked up while I was going through treatment and, others as I find them.  If  I have helped someone, in some way, I will be happy.  I would like to say one more thing.  Welcome to, A Rainbow of Colors blog.


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