The ACS Bark for Life, a doggone good time!

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Hello this Morning.  Team PoJo ( our Relay for Life team) has recently signed up for the American Cancer Society’s, Bark For Life event; in Statesville, NC.  Bark for Life events happen, all over.

Our particular event, takes place at Lakewood Park;  in Statesville.  The date of the Event this year, is April 12, 2014; and you can register any time; even at 10:00 AM, the day of the walk.  The opening Ceremony is at 11:00 AM; with the Survivor lap occurring, at 11:30.  The closing ceremony is at 2:00 PM.

Last year’s event was a beautiful sunny day.  Joe and I loved being there.  The turnout was incredible and the dogs were adorable.  You couldn’t help leaving the event feeling happy, and deeply touched.

For those of you that are not familiar with Bark for Life, this is a non competitive walk, for dogs and their owners.  This walk raises funds for cancer research; while, bringing awareness to cancer in humans and pets.  So far this event has 26 participants and 13 teams.

Check to see if there is a Bark for Life event, near you; and be ready to have a doggone good time.


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