Cancercare: A Champion for the cancer community

Cancercare: A Champion for the cancer community

You have just been diagnosed with cancer.  Now, you have to think about cost.  How much will your Chemo be?  

My Husband and I faced this very situation, a little over 3 years ago.  Fortunately, the social worker at our cancer treatment center, told us about Cancercare.  

I was given the phone number; and made the phone call, in the next few days.  Two sets of paperwork were sent.  One set for us to complete; and one set for the Oncologist to complete.  Both were completed and sent in.  We were reviewed and accepted.  I would like to take this time to say, each case is reviewed individually; and, acceptance is not guaranteed.  But, if you are facing a huge bill with Chemo treatment, it is definitely worth the call; and doing some paperwork.  

I can say; we were not billed for one chemo treatment.  I received notification; how much longer, they were going to cover the cost.  The time was longer than I needed; so, I called them and told them the date of my last treatment.  

I don’t know what we would have done without them; and, I was so glad we were told to contact them.  I hope this information will help others, who are facing the same situation, we faced in 2011.     

Online Communities and Support for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Online Communities and Support for Cancer Patients and Survivors

The American Cancer Society provides 3 different online communities for support.  When you are diagnosed,  so much information is given to you, and you can be overwhelmed.  I know my first oncologist appointment was 4 hours long.  I was crying, I was numb and I was trying to understand all they were telling me, and I was afraid of it all.

It amazes me just how much is out there.  Someone may tell you about things available, and this is fantastic.  My posts are to help make this information available if you do not know. is a great resource site.  You may not be ready for it at first.  Lord knows, I wasn’t.  You take one day at a time and you get used to the idea.  You are stronger than you think.

These 3 online communities may or may not be for you.  I just want to make you aware, that they are there.

WhatNext is a community of cancer survivors and patients that have been diagnosed with cancers like yours.  These people share their experiences and information and most importantly, give support.

Circle of Sharing is very unique.  This is fantastic, if you have immediate family that is far away.  This online service helps family and friends get information about the patient’s own diagnosis; and this information can be shared, only, within the circle of people included.

Cancer Survivor’s Network  This online support network is therapeutic in that you can have your own space online, share your experience and start an online blog.  There are also chat rooms and discussion boards where you can share with other survivors.

It is my hope that posting this information will help others in their journey.